Finite-Element Analysis (FEA)ΒΆ

OpenMETA is capable of executing an FEA analysis on a CAD model. The diagram and the description below details the full workflow.

  1. The OpenMETA Master Interpreter generates an execution directory with everything needed to execute the job.
  2. All the composed parts specified in the OpenMETA Component Assembly are assembled using PTC Creo.
  3. Creo exports a list of named points and a Parasolid file of the model.
  4. MSC Patran imports the model, converting the geometry to surfaces.
  5. The model is meshed and Patran exports images of the resulting mesh.
  6. Patran attaches material properties, constraints, and loads to the model based on the constructs in the OpenMETA project and prepares a deck for analysis using Nastran.
  7. Nastran executes the analysis.
  8. Patran opens the Nastran results, performs post-processing, and generates contour plot images of the stress.

Diagram of the OpenMETA Structural FEA Test Bench Workflow

The rest of this sub-chapter will serve as a tutorial that demonstrates the FEA analysis capabilities of OpenMETA. This tutorial builds upon the skills learned in LED Tutorial, so it may be necessary to complete that chapter prior to attempting this one.