OpenModelica is an open-source Modelica-based modeling and simulation environment intended for industrial and academic usage. OpenMETA uses OpenModelica for physics simulations, including mechanical, thermal, and power analysis.


  1. Download OpenModelica 1.12.0.
  2. Run the executable.

Modelica Models

The dynamics of a system are expressed in the Modelica language, which uses a mix of causal relationships (directional input or output is assigned to each port) and acausal relationships (power flows in either direction based on the context, as in most physical systems). Modelica models are used to simultaneously model components of multiple engineering domains such as electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and thermal. For the purposes of Ara modules, we will be focusing on the power and thermal abilities provided by the Modelica solver.

Within OpenMETA components are Modelica models that contain a set of Modelica ports and parameters. These ports represent the dynamics interfaces for the represented component, while the parameters capture the elements of the model that may be altered.

Diode Model in Modelica

Modelica Model of a Diode