Each of the models below serves as a realistic example of using OpenMETA to describe and design a complex system. We encourage you to clone each of the repositories provided, explore the models, and experiment with changes of your own!

Spacecraft Model

The OpenMETA Spacecraft project is an open-source project developed by Metamorph to demonstrate the concepts of OpenMETA with a system model of a fictitious satellite. The system model includes both CAD models and OpenModelica models for a joint phyical and electrical analysis of the craft.

The OpenMETA Spacecraft Study project is here on GitHub: openmeta-spacecraft-study

A³ Vahana Trade Study

The Vahana Trade Study conducted by A³ explored the design space of two architecturally different vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft. We took the open-source MATLAB scripts used for the trade study and incorporated them into the OpenMETA environment where we used the Parametric Exploration Tool (PET) to perform similar analyses of the Vahana model.

The OpenMETA Vahana project is here on GitHub: openmeta-vahana