Getting Started

To view all the results of this tutorial you should install Autodesk EAGLE as described in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) subchapter. If you choose not to install EAGLE, you will still be able to complete the whole tutorial.

Downloading the Tutorial Zip File

To complete this tutorial you will need to get a copy of the tutorial files. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Clone the OpenMETA Examples and Templates repository. You will then find the necessary files in the led-tutorial folder.
  2. Download the LED Tutorial Model zip file. Unzip this folder to the location of your choice.

Setting Up Directory

  1. Once you’ve acquired and navigated to the tutorial files, double-click LED_Tutorial.xme to open it in the GME.
  2. Save the project to the directory provided by GME (where your .xme file is located), taking note of this directory as you will need to access this location later in the tutorial.


Resources in the OpenMETA project are referenced relative to the .mga or .xme project file and this relationship must be maintained. For example, you must not move the components/ folder that is included in this example.