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These test benches are designed to generate a 3-D model based on an EAGLE schematic and board file. They assemble the CAD models of the components in the CyPhy model by considering the coordinates of each component’s position on the PCB.


First, you’ll need to create a copy of one of the Visualizer test benches. For instructions, refer to Project Ara Test Bench Basics.

There are three available options:

  • PlaceRouteAndVisualize: Execute a PlaceAndRoute test bench to generate a layout.JSON file prior to calling the assembly program.
  • Visualize_Layout: Executes a visualizer testbench by asking the user to point to an existing layout.JSON file using a file browser.
  • Visualize_SavedLayout: Executes a visualizer testbench by using an existing layout.JSON file that is stored in the “designs” folder in the project directory under the ID of the component assembly which is referenced by the test bench’s SystemUnderTest. This option reduces the need to execute a PlaceAndRoute testbench if the component assembly that the SystemUnderTest references has already had a PlaceAndRoute analysis performed (with no modifications between).

If the PlaceRouteAndVisualize testbench is used, the boardWidth and boardHeight parameters must be set to match the size of the board you wish to generate. Both values are in millimeters.

Additionally, you can run an interference analysis on the assembly to ensure the assembly does not contain any overlapping components. The analysis will be executed if a Parameter is placed in the test bench and named INTERFERENCE_CHECK. A report (interference_report.log) is generated describing any interferences that are calculated. Please note that this analysis may take several minutes to complete depending on the size of the assembly.


This test bench produces no metrics.


Filename Description
CT.JSON Component information file - specifies path to CAD model and associated CAD-to-EDA-model transforms.
layout.JSON File describing component locations on PCB as determined by EAGLE.
BoardLayout.step (.stl) STEP (STL) file of component assembly
BoardLayout.FCStd FreeCAD native format file of component assembly.


This test bench supports the assembly generation of STEP and STL files. If the assembly contains a mixture of STEP and STL files, the final assembly will be saved as an STL file, and the launchVisualizer parameter within the CyPhy2CADPCB interpreter will be ignored.

This test bench only considers components that have EDA Models (EAGLE Schematics) associated with them. Any components lacking EDA Models are skipped. Any components that have both CADModels and EDAModels, but no connection defining the transform between them, will have a cube created as a placeholder at the coordinates specified in the layout.JSON. The placeholder’s length/width dimensions are according to the component dimensions specified in the layout.JSON.

If your design includes a printed circuit board (PCB) component, its geometry is not considered in the place and route process. Instead, a board matching the dimensions given by boardWidth and boardHeight is assumed when building the EAGLE schematic.