Project Ara Test Bench Basics


If you don’t already have a test bench folder in your project, create one:

  1. In the GME Browser, right-click on the RootFolder.
  2. Select Insert Folder –> Testing.
  3. The default name of this folder is Testing, but you may rename it if you like.

Next, we must create a copy of the test bench we want to use.

  1. In the GME Browser, expand the purple folder labeled TestBenches.
  2. Expand the folder labeled AraTestBenches.
  3. Right-click on the test bench you want to use, and select Copy.
  4. Right-click on your test bench folder and select Paste.

Next, we must place your design or design space into the test bench.

  1. Open your copy of the test bench.
  2. Right-click on your design, drag it onto the canvas, and select Paste as Reference.
  3. Choose TopLevelSystemUnderTest and click OK.

Next, you will have to do some configuration specific to the test bench that you’re using. For these details and more, refer to the document for the test bench that you’re using.

Running a Test Bench

To run a test bench:

  1. Open the test bench so that it appears in the editing window.
  2. Click the Master Interpreter on the GME Toolbar: MasterInterpreter Icon
  3. Select Post to META Job Manager to have the analysis run automatically.
  4. If you’re testing a design space, select the configurations you’d like to test in the list at the right.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The path to the generated artifacts will be shown on the GME Console, with the message Generated files are here: <path>

If you selected Post to META Job Manager, then the Job Manager will launch, and you’ll see test benches begin executing in the Job Manager window.