RF Analysis

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There are two separate RF test benches, named Directivity and SAR. Both provide excitation for the RF model to be tested, set up the simulation space, then execute OpenEMS and the related post-processing tasks. The Directivity testbench is focused on the evaluation of the antenna performance (directivity, S11, ZIN, etc.) with the FDTD simulation space reduced to the size of the Ara endo. The SAR testbench, on the other hand, includes models both for an the entire Ara endo and a head phantom, over which the SAR is calculated.

For details on using the RF analysis interpreter, refer to section CyPhy2RF.


Create a copy of the Directivity or SAR testbench. Connect the Excitation test component to the RF design under test, see the connection leading to InvertedFAssembly in the figure below:


Configured copy of the RF / SAR testbench with InvertedFAssembly as the system under test.


Name Unit Description
Directivity dBi The maximum power density the tested antenna radiates in any direction relative to that of an isotropic antenna.
Maximum SAR Watts / kg The maximum SAR value across the head phantom measured with averaging over volumes that contain 1 g tissue.