Getting Started

Create a new OpenMETA Project

  1. Start GME.
  2. Within GME, open the File menu and select New Project….
Creating a New Project in GME

The Select Paradigm menu will popup.

  1. Double-click CyPhyML.
Selecting a Paradigm
  1. Select Create project file and click Next.
  1. Save the project file as “parameterstudy-tutorial”.

Create a new PET within the Project

6. Inside the GME Browser window, right-click on the RootFolder and select Insert Folder ‣ Testing.

  1. Right-click on the newly created Testing folder and select Insert Folder ‣ Parametric Exploration.

8. Right-click on the newly created Parametric Exploration folder and select Insert Model ‣ Parametric Exploration.


9. Double-click on the newly created ParametricExploration model to open it in the main GME window. It should appear as a blank canvas.


10. Select the ParametricExploration model by either left-clicking on the blank canvas you opened in Step 9 or left-clicking the Parametric Exploration model within the GME Browser window 11. Change the name of the model to “parameterstudy_tutorial” within the Object Inspector window