Creating a Team

Now that we have modeled ourselves and some fellow team members, let’s create a most basic organizational structure by organizing the modeled persons into a team.

Adding a Component Assemblies Folder

Just as we created a Components folder before creating a Component, we need to create a Component Assemblies Folder before creating a Component Assembly.

  1. Right-click on the RootFolder in the GME Browser, and choose Insert Folder ‣ Component Assemblies.
  2. Rename this new Component Assemblies folder Teams.

Adding a Team

Now we can create our team:

  1. Right-click on the new Teams folder, and choose Insert Model ‣ Component Assembly.
  2. Rename this new component assembly MyTeam.

You should now see the following in your GME Browser:


Assigning Members to a Team

Now that we’ve created a team, let’s add some members. In this exercise we will add the team members by reference; this is usually how you will use components in OpenMETA. Although people cannot be easily duplicated, it is often the case that a component is reused multiple times in a system, and using references to components allows us to make a single change take effect everywhere the component is referenced.

  1. Open the new team by double-clicking on the MyTeam Component Assembly.
  2. Expand the TeamMembers folder if it is not already expanded.
  3. Right-click and drag one of the team members from the TeamMembers folder onto the canvas.
  4. Select Create Reference.
  5. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to add all the team members.

When you are done adding team members your MyTeam Component Assembly should look something like this: