Creating a New Project

Before we can get started building a model, we need to create a new OpenMETA project.

Opening GME

OpenMETA projects are created and edited using the Generic Modeling Environment, or GME. GME is an open-source, configurable editor for domain-specific modeling. In the case of OpenMETA, we will use GME with the CyPhyML paradigm, which is short for Cyber-Physical Modeling Language.

Since GME was installed with OpenMETA, begin by launching the “GME” Desktop app. Make sure to only select the version that is not suffixed by “(64 bit)”.

A New Instance of GME

A New Instance of GME

Creating a New Project

Now let’s create a new OpenMETA project:

  1. Click New on the opening GME dialog or select File ‣ New Project… from the menu.

  2. Select the CyPhyML paradigm.

  3. Click Create new.

  4. On the New Project dialog that appears, leave “Create project file” selected and click Next >.

  5. When prompted to save the new project, you may save your project wherever you like, but we recommended that you save the project file in a new or empty directory. For more information on the structure of an OpenMETA project, see the OpenMETA Projects chapter.