PET Analysis BlocksΒΆ

PET Analysis Blocks are Test Benches and External Tool Wrappers that can be placed within a PET to model the system to be analyzed. Therefore, PET Analysis Blocks serve as modular building blocks that can be combined within a single PET to perform a full-system analysis using subanalyses from multiple domains.


An example PET with all three types of available wrappers and a Test Bench.

In addition to the complex analyses that can be performed using Test Benches as you saw in the previous Test Benches chapter, virtually any external execution tool can be integrated using one of the provided wrappers. For example, we have used the Python Wrapper to drive proprietary executables and legacy codes written in COBAL, Fortran, and C from the command line.

For examples of PETs with different analysis blocks see the Analysis Blocks project in the Openmeta Examples And Templates repository.