Excel Wrappers

Preparing an Excel Spreadsheet

Before adding an Excel Spreadsheet, you must name all the cells that you desire to be exposed in the Excel Wrapper analysis block. You can do this in Excel in one of two ways:

  1. selecting a cell and then typing a name in the Name Box in the upper left portion of the Excel window, or
  2. using the Name Manager tool in the Formula tab on the ribbon.

Any cells that are formulas will be interpreted as outputs; all others will be interpreted as inputs.


An Excel Spreadsheet Being Prepared For Use As an Analysis Block

Adding Excel Wrappers to a PET

To add an Excel Wrapper to a PET, simply drag the Excel Wrapper icon from the Part Browser and onto the PET canvas. Double-click on the Excel Wrapper and use the Open dialogue to select the Excel file to be added to the PET.


You should then see your component with the exposed inputs and outputs in the PET Canvas.